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Screw the consumers, protect Chrysler

Or so Mr. LaHood may have thought to himself as he once again put driver safety last: Now, most backroom deals attempt to stay on the QT. But, Ray LaHood, never one to miss an opportunity to pat himself on the back, could not be silent. He gave David Shepardson of The Detroit News the […]

FDA Continues to Put Patient Safety Last

God forbid that a bit of larger type crowd out the lovely photos that pharma puts in their ads, right? Everyone knows the old saying about checking the fine print. And there is plenty of fine print in many of the printed ads for prescription drugs, of course. But what if that print was too […]

Careful Design Planning

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Quit the bullshit “direct access” denials

So now Zuckerberg is the latest tech CEO to craft a carefully-worded statement that denies working with the NSA: “We don’t work directly with the NSA or any other program in order to proactively give any user information to anyone,” Zuckerberg told shareholders at the company’s annual stockholder meeting. “No one has ever approached us […]

Just renewed my AAJ because I put my money where my mouth is

If you regularly represent plaintiffs and you’re not a member of the AAJ, you’re a jerk.  The AAJ fights for us at the national and the state level every day.  They also have to engage in shameful acts of begging because plaintiffs’ lawyers are so damned cheap.  The same guys who will blow two grand […]

This is how important networking is

Take the racial part of the article as gospel truth, with a grain of salt, or disregard it entirely.  But read this part and burn it into your memory: Favoritism is almost universal in today’s job market. In interviews with hundreds of people on this topic, I found that all but a handful used the […]

Aren’t bullets made of metal?

The whole print-a-gun-out-of-plastic thing is understandably freaking people out.  But I have a question about the following: Security checkpoints, background checks, and gun regulations will do little good if criminals can print plastic firearms at home and bring those firearms through metal detectors with no one the wiser,” Source:This Is The World’s First Entirely 3D-Printed […]

Client-overlords? That’s why I’m a plaintiff’s lawyer

Funny thing about representing injured folks – they’re generally grateful for my help and don’t expect me to shine shoes, fetch coffee, or kiss ass.  Ivey advises law students to hang out with B-school students, who will be “your client-overlords and referral sources” after graduation. “If you want to make rain later, learn about their […]

And that’s kind of the point of killing RSS

Note, of course, that it’s the big guys with all the traffic that want to kill it. Without RSS readers, the long tail would be cut off. The rich would get richer: only the big-name sites get regular readership without RSS, so the smaller sites would only get scraps of occasional Twitter links from the […]