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A great comment at TortDeform

Professor Charles Silver has posted about his own experience with medical malpractice, and has been responding to comments.  One of his responses warrants a post here:

It continues to be remarkable to me how willing people are to stake out positions without knowing the facts. Judging from his (her?) most recent post, Chris seems exceptionally bright and well educated. Yet, Chris was too eager to reach a conclusion about the merits of my hypothetical malpractice case. I haven’t reached a conclusion myself, and I’ve lived with the injury for over two months. In these Internet discussions of tort reform, it seems to be a sin to utter the words “I don’t know.” In real life, of course, knowing that one does not know something is often important.

Source: How Much Malpractice Coverage Does Your Doctor Have? | TortDeform

I wish Professor Silver the best and hope his condition improves.