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A Great Example of Defense Lawyers Ripping Off Their Clients

How does this timeline strike you: Morning: Judge holds hearing on motion, rules against Defendant, and signs order denying Defendant's motion.

Afternoon: Defendant files copy of order granting motion that judge just denied that morning.

Since there was no motion for reconsideration or similar document filed along with the order, there was absolutely no reason whatsoever to draft and file that order.  So one of two things happened.  Either the defense lawyers got their wires crossed, or they deliberately did this just to bill the client for a half-an-hour of time.  Either way, if this time was billed, the client got ripped off. 

Remember, only defense lawyers have any financial incentive to delay litigation or file frivolous documents.  We on the plaintiffs' side only get paid when we win, and we get paid a percentage, not by the hour.  So it's against our financial interests to file motions we don't believe in, or to try and delay litigation.