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A Mediocre Article On Both Sides of The Medical Malpractice Debate

This could have been an excellent article.  It could have told the story of someone severely injured by malpractice, the years it took them to get compensation, and the problems with the medical system that let the malpractice occur.  Then, it could have detailed the struggle of a doctor who was wrongly sued, the hundreds of hours it took from his or her time, and the problems in the legal system that let a bogus malpractice suit get as far as it did.  The article could have then concluded with a critique of proposed medical malpractice reforms, and how they wouldn’t fix some of the problems in both systems.  That’s what this article could have been.  It’s still worth reading, though:

"They woke me up, and they said there's been a huge mistake we operated on the wrong foot," Kennedy said.

Julie Kennedy says she let the doctor operate on the correct foot on the condition that he take care of any problems caused by the first surgery.

"And when he ceased to take care of that, my husband and I knew we had to do something because the pain was getting worse," Kennedy said.

Still in pain, with medical bills mounting, she filed suit in 2000. Her doctor's lawyers made her out to be anything but a victim.

Source: Operation Healthcare: Two Faces Of Medical Tort Reform - NewsOn6.com - Tulsa, OK - News, Weather, Video and Sports - KOTV.com |