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A Motion To Kiss My Ass

Looks like we all dodged a bullet.  Apparently, Matthew Washington, an inmate in Georgia, filed a motion to compel all Americans to kiss his ass.  This post is a funny read over at Concurring Opinions:

"In the instant case, Plaintiff has sued all of the judges and one magistrate judge from this District as well as one judge and one magistrate judge from the Middle District of Georgia. Plaintiff also unsuccessfully tried to join Judge Michael Karpf of the Superior Court of Chatham County and United States Senator Sam Nunn. His five motions to amend are overshadowed by the “Motion to Kiss My Ass” which Plaintiff filed (apparently to express his frustration with Magistrate Judge G.R. Smith's refusal to allow the addition of Judge Karpf and Senator Nunn). This case has been pending less than one year and already Plaintiff has filed three interlocutory appeals. Likewise, in Matthew Washington v. R.D. Collins, et al., Plaintiff has already filed three frivolous interlocutory appeals in a case which is only several months old."

At least this guy puts his money where his mouth is; rather than filing in forma pauperis in which the court waives filing fees, he uses his disability checks to pay them.