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A scary medical malpractice story involving sexual assault.

One of my law school professors does a lot of medical malpractice defense work.  He was telling us war stories, and this one is more than a little scary.

He was representing a hospital that was sued because an anesthesiologist was sexually assaulting patients.  The doctor was fired from that hospital after a nurse walked in on him performing oral sex on an unconscious woman. 

Here’s the scariest part: The doctor simply moved out of state and began working as an anesthesiologist for another hospital, and was allowed to be alone with patients.  The new hospital made no inquiry into this guy’s background.  Thankfully, he’s in jail now for what he did… but it scares me to think that doctors can commit the most egregious kinds of malpractice, get fired, and then go work at another hospital while civil and criminal cases are pending against him.