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Anonymous commenter sums up tort “reform” movement

The comment below was posted to an article about a $257 million dollar jury verdict:

The award will get thrown out in appeals, any civil jury in Opelousas will consist mostly of people who never saw a paycheck in their lives and have no clue about money.

Source: Major product liability suit ends | dailyworld.com | Daily World

This guy sums up the tort “reform” movement.  They’re pissed off that people who don’t make a lot of money get to hold people accountable who do make a lot of money.

In the America that I live in, every citizen is equal in the eyes of the law.  That means that a jury of poor people is no better or worse than a jury of rich people.  I guess this guy lives in a different America.

Oh, crap.  I hope I didn’t just summon John Edwards’ “two Americas” theme.

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