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Another Good Article About Wyeth's Ghostwriting

The hardest-hitting one I've seen yet.  Naturally, it's not from a U.S. source.

Advertising on the Internet proves how respectable ghostwriting has become. Thewritersforhire.com,based in Houston, posts prices for book manuscripts -- $25,000 to $65,000 for a 250-page book. The Writers' Union of Canada, having determined which of its members will accept ghostly commissions, can put you in touch with a suitable scribe, recommending that you pay $40,000 per book, research extra. The Internet has also created a boom in ghostwriting. The more online outlets exist, the more ghosts are needed. Quick Delivery Ghostwriters, a new outfit set up this summer in Riverside, Ca., responds to what it sees as an increased demand for ghosted blog contributions. Who will be the first to establish a famously controversial, highly personal blog and then later admit it was churned out with the "editorial assistance" of Quick Delivery? Ghostwriting is accepted in a mood of genial tolerance. Who doesn't do it, after all? You sometimes hear journalists brag about moonlighting for generous fees as political speech-writers. But every speech and every book churned out by a ghostwriter helps to lower the quality of public life.