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Automakers Win Privacy Victory at the Expense of Public Safety

The Detroit Free Press published this article explaining that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will no longer allow the public to access information pertaining to the safety of vehicles.

The worst-argument-of-the-day award goes to Rae Tyson, the chief spokesperson for the NHTSA. Tyson actually said: "If we let all of the information be made public, it would have a chilling effect on the data we get. If, for example, warranty data got out, manufacturers might quit offering warranties or quit handling problems via warranty."

Is Tyson really so stupid as to believe that if consumers knew how often new cars had problems repaired under warranty that auto manufacturers would react by either: (a) Quit offering warranties altogether, or (b) Stop honoring all of their existing warranties, thereby subjecting themselves to millions of lawsuits for breach of contract?

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