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Chamber of Commerce Seeks Jury Trial

That’s a funny (read: monumentally hypocritical) thing to do for a group that spends millions of dollars a year attacking jury trials.

The Chamber announced Monday that it had filed suit against the gonzo Yes Men gang. It tries to cast the suit as a garden-variety action to protect the organization’s intellectual property — specifically, two registered trademarks. The organization’s chief in-house lawyer called the suit “a customary response by any organization faced with this type of misconduct by the defendants.”

But that’s simply not the case. Far from a narrowly cast trademark protection lawsuit, this is blunderbuss, seven-count complaint filed by a major Washington, D.C., firm in U.S. District Court, with the Chamber asking for an injunction (including removal of YouTube videos), a jury trial, damages, attorneys’ fees and “such other relief as may be appropriate.”

Source: Lawsuit obtuse | The Platform | STLtoday