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Class action lawsuit filed over Ford touch screens

My solution is quite simple: Car manufacturers should just put iPad Minis in the dash. 

According to the lawsuit, customers have complained that the system freezes up, malfunctions, blacks out and fails to connect with mobile devices. The complaint said system flaws have created "significant safety risks" for drivers, diverting their attention from the road when the product malfunctions and failing to contact 911 during emergencies as designed.

Ford launched MyFord Touch in vehicles in 2010. The system was designed to centralize audio, navigation, climate, mobile-device, entertainment and safety controls through LCD interfaces powered by Microsoft's Sync operating system. The MyFord Touch system can be controlled via a touch-screen panel, voice commands or by buttons on the steering wheel.

Since its launch, however, MyFord Touch and other so-called infotainment systems in Ford vehicles have been an "unmitigated disaster," plaintiffs said in the lawsuit.

Source: U.S. driver safety group sues Ford over touch-screen systems - chicagotribune.com