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Connecticut Doctors Sue Insurers and Lose

Business Insurance reports that a group of 7,000 doctors has turned to trial lawyers seven times in their quest to make insurers treat them fairly.

"The lawsuits, which were filed by the 7,000-member Connecticut State Medical Society, alleged that the health plans violated the state’s unfair trade practices law by denying, reducing and delaying claims payments to doctors."

These doctors have it right: Insurers are the problem.  Unfortunately, the doctors lost this suit, which was their seventh.

The cynic in me is forced to wonder if these doctors are considered "vexatious plaintiffs," filing "frivolous lawsuits."  After all, they've lost four out of seven lawsuits so far.  And, I'm also constrained to point out that doctors, like everyone else, have no problem hiring "greedy trial lawyers" when they have a problem.