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Dead Patients Cost a Hospital $4 million Dollars Less Than A Doctor’s Bruised Ego

In Florida, the maximum amount of money a hospital has to pay the family of someone who died as a result of a doctor’s negligence is $1 million dollars.  Now read this:

The Supreme Court will not overturn a Florida surgeon's $5 million slander award after a hospital executive said he would not send his dog to the doctor for surgery.

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Sadow and the hospital had been fighting in court because the doctor was denied privileges to do surgery in Lawnwood's open-heart institute. A Lawnwood official then told another doctor about Sadow: "I would not send my dog to him for surgery."

Source: Court will not overturn $5 million slander award

In other words, the hospital would have saved $4 million dollars if they had let this guy operate and he ended up negligently killing someone. 

Welcome to the wonderful world of tort “reform.”