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Did outgoing NHTSA head decide a new job was worth letting people die?

The revolving door strikes again.  Rather than make Chrysler go through the same testing Ford had to when the Pinto had gas tank problems, the NHTSA head makes a phone call to the CEO of Chrysler and makes the problem go away.  Not coincidentally, the NHTSA head is going to work for a lobbying firm that Chrysler uses.

Chrysler's agreement to go ahead with the trailer hitch fix and NHTSA's agreement to close the investigation also appear to be the result of an extracurricular conversation, according to The New York Times. The newspaper reported in today's editions that outgoing NHTSA head Strickland talked by telephone with Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne last Monday and sealed the deal.

Strickland is leaving NHTSA to join the Washington lobbying and law firm Venable LLP, which public records show has billed Chrysler $1.1 million for lobbying activities over the last five years. Strickland is joining the firm's Regulatory and Legislative practices group as a partner.

Source: Feds close inquiry into Jeep SUV fires, Chrysler agrees to a controversial "fix"

Basically, the upper echelons of every federal regulator serve as little more than a farm team for the entities they supposedly regulate.  The formula is simple: Do the bidding of a few major corporations – regardless of the agency’s mission or public safety – and then get a cush job with a fat salary as your reward.

Everyone in America knows how corrupt and broken our electoral system is.  More need to know how broken and corrupt our regulatory system is.