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Frivolous Defense of the Day

Yes, I'm still alive.  I also have my contracts midterm in 3 hours, so I'm not sure why I picked this as the best time to return to the world of blogging.  That said:

There are many, many reasons I want nothing to do with family law.  One of them is that family lawyers are the lawyers most likely to be shot by disgruntled clients.  Another is that in family law, you often have to come up with the most ridiculous arguments known to man, like this one: 

"The firm argued against subpoenaing Beveridge because of his age and the fact that nearly 14 years have passed since the disputed loan was executed. But that argument didn't get far with Thompson." (Emphasis added.)

Source: Law.com - Allegations of an Affair and a Forgery Ensnare Beveridge & Diamond

"Your honor, my client is in his seventies.  That means he's simply too old to be subpoenaed."

I know AARP is a powerful lobby, but I don't think they've yet managed to exempt seniors from being subject to subpoena.