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Georgia State Bar Fights Back on TV

It appears that the Georgia State Bar isn't going to lie down and take the abuse anymore.   

The State Bar of Georgia is running excellent television ads, and I saw one tonight. This is a public relations campaign that rivals what physicians did in the run up to passing "tort reform."...

The profession isn't perfect. Neither is mine. Neither is yours, but lawyers and the courts have been the target of a two or three decade-long attack by radical right wingers who wish to take over (politicize) the courts and vest power in the executive and legislative branches of government. In Georgia, other than the campaigns of Sears and Hunstein, this is the first coordinated effort I have seen to punch back. Good for the State Bar. Good job.

Source: GEORGIA WOMEN VOTE!: Smart, Smart, Smart

Has anyone seen the ads, or better yet, Youtube'd them?  I'd love a description of them or a copy of them.