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Ham? Oh, I thought you wanted a hand sandwich!

This is just disgusting.

MORRISTOWN, N.J. (CN) - A deli worker at Kings Supermarkets gave an unwitting customer a piece of human flesh with her bologna, causing her husband to "vomit like crazy" when he found the unwanted slice of meat, the Zalla family claims in New Jersey Superior Court.
     While preparing Markeljana Zalla's order, a female deli worker cut herself at the meat slicer and stopped working to seek medical attention. A male co-worker took her place, the lawsuit claims, but instead of cleaning up the bloody slicer, he simply finished the order and handed it to Zalla.
     The next day, while making bologna sandwiches for his children, Armando Zalla "noticed a piece of foreign matter which was obviously a segment of human flesh, which had been discovered between slices of luncheon meat," the complaint states.
     He says his daughter "suffered extreme revulsion upon seeing the flesh fragment and ran away from the scene of the discovery."
     Meanwhile, Armando says he ran to the bathroom and "vomited like crazy."

Source: Courthouse News Service