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Have any personal injury lawyers been successful in getting nonlawyers to link to them?

More than a few people on the net like to make fun of PI lawyers who engage in cheesy tactics to get visibility in the search engines.  You know: Leaving spam comments on others’ blogs; tweeting “(your city) car accident” and then writing a useless post about a car accident, etc.  I don’t approve of lawyers who do that sort of thing, but I understand why they do it – it’s hard to get a nonlawyer to link to a personal injury lawyer web page.

Yahoo Site Explorer (among other tools) lets you check to see the incoming links to a website.  I’ve used it to check out some very popular PI attorney blogs, and I’d say 90% of their incoming links are from others in the legal community.  Am I right in my assumption that no PI attorneys have a blog or website that is well linked-to outside of the legal community?

Shoot me some links if I’m wrong.  I’d like to see what they’re doing. 

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