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Honda Did WHAT?!

I don't even know if there are words to describe just how disgusting this is.

"The sanctions decision, issued on October 3, 2002, by Placer County (California) Superior Court Judge James D. Garbolino, found that Gratzinger had “deliberately” obliterated key evidence in Davis v. Honda, a lawsuit based on a March 1999 accident in a Honda Civic that left plaintiff Sarah Davis, then 17 years old, a quadriplegic. The court found that by intentionally destroying marks showing that Davis had been wearing a seat belt at the time of the accident – the “single most critical issue” in the case – Honda had “attempted to rob” the plaintiff “of her right to litigate on a level playing field.” As a sanction, the court held Honda liable for Davis’s injuries and ruled the jury would only decide how much in damages Honda paid Davis."

At least the good guys at Trial Lawyers for Public Justice exposed this, and as a consequence, the evidence-altering "expert witness" Honda used will probably have a hard time getting gigs in the future.  Can anyone give me one good reason why criminal charges shouldn't have been brought against the guy?  Disgusting.