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I suppose this is also a frivolous lawsuit

The Idaho Statesman tells the story of an 82 year old veteran with Alzheimers that was grossly taken advantage of by Lithia Ford, a Fortune 1000 company.  From the article:

"A lawsuit filed Monday alleges Lithia Ford of Boise violated an Idaho law that protects consumers from "unconscionable contracts" by taking advantage of an 82-year-old man's dementia.

The lawsuit contends a Lithia salesman convinced Frank Baxter to swap his $32,000 SUV for a $15,000 economy car on Sept. 9 by taking advantage of Baxter's "inability to understand, and other factors due to his age and dementia.

The lawsuit claims the Lithia Ford contract with Baxter also was unconscionable because the dealership knew it was getting a vehicle that had been driven only 16 miles by Baxter and had a value of $31,253, in exchange for a 2006 Ford Focus valued at $15,215...

The suit also alleges that the dealership should have realized Baxter was not capable of entering into such an agreement because he was so disoriented at the time that a Lithia Ford employee had to drive him home."

I wonder what kind of commission you get when you make $15k on a trade-in by taking advantage of a war veteran who lives in the Alzheimer's ward of a nursing home.  I hope for Boise's sake that they don't give the man his money back or Tiger and the rest of the heartless bastards might declare a state of emergency in Idaho and label Boise a Judicial Hellhole. 

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