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Interesting case dealing with Medicaid fraud

I feel absolutely no sympathy for people who defraud Medicaid.  Defrauding Medicaid is a nice way of saying "robbing the taxpayers."  Here's an interesting case about a man who was such a dumbass that he went to court, admitted he defrauded Medicaid, and asked the court for help:

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) - The state Court of Appeals has ruled that a Jones County man who tried to hide his mineral interest in some land from Medicaid officials has no legal right to reclaim them later.

Rickey Ellzey sued in chancery court for the return of mineral interests which he had transferred to Sherry James in an effort to conceal his assets from Medicaid....

At trial, Ellzey and James both testified that the purpose of the transfer was to conceal Ellzey's royalty income from Medicaid.

WLOX-TV - The News for South Mississippi: Appeals Court rules Jones Co. man can't get mineral rights back

I'd sure like to think there will be some sort of criminal charges brought against these two scumbags.