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"It's for a cop." - Update!

The instant I read this story, I immediately thought of Super Troopers: "It's for a cop."

Officer Kevin Lynn Dupre is suing McDonald's Corp. after a cockroach just over an inch long ended up in his mouth when he sipped the coffee, according to his lawsuit.

McDonald's did not respond to a request for comment.

In the suit, Dupre said he stopped at a Cleburne McDonald's in May 2006 while on patrol. As he pulled away from the drive-through window, he took a sip, and the coffee was cold. He took another sip and felt something soft in his mouth. He spat a roach onto the lid of the cup and drove back to the restaurant.

Source: Star-Telegram.com | 06/14/2007 | Cop spitting mad over coffee roach

For those of you who haven't seen Super Troopers - shame on you.

Update: Apparently, the media got this one wrong, as Officer Dupre just posted the following comment:

"I am the "cop" who is supposedly suing McDonald's for finding a roach in my coffee. It's funny, because the first notice I recieved of this was 2 days ago when I read it in the FT Worth paper. I told McDonalds when it happened that I did not want any money. I only wanted 2 things; the employee who did it and the video tapes. I got no answers from the company, and even recieved veiled threats from their legal department. Of course I contacted an attorney, gave a statement, and a year later find out that I am suing for "emotional distress." The lawsuit has been dropped of course."