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Lead Abatement Is A Great Start – But How About Asbestos?

Obviously, getting lead products out of houses is necessary:

When the Obama administration told federal agencies to find “shovel ready” projects that could be fast-tracked and fuel them with stimulus funds, HUD directed additional funds to its lead-hazard reduction program and Elkhart County’s request was approved.

“What an awesome opportunity,” said Carrie Brunson, an environmental health specialist with the county who will spend the next 30 months riding herd on the grant. “I know the difference this money can make. We’re going to get into homes before they’ve lead-poisoned anyone.”

Source: Stimulus targets stubborn foe — lead in homes - The Elkhart Project- msnbc.com

But so is asbestos abatement.  How about we as a nation just man up and spend whatever it takes to go house-by-house and get rid of all the asbestos lurking within?