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Never mind what's on the can, Pringles are not Potato Crisps

I'm only bothering to quote this because I laughed at the picture: The can specifically says that Pringles are "Potato Crisps," yet Pringles convinced a court that they are not potato crisps.

In Big Win for P&G, Pringles Found to be ‘Not Potato Crisps’

Posted by Ashby Jones

pringlesWe’ve often wondered about Pringles, the chips that come neatly and unnaturally stacked in a can, but we’ve never had reason to question whether they’re actually potato chips. That is, until now.

On Friday, a British tax court ruled that Pringles are not, in fact, potato crisps — and therefore are not subject to Britain’s 17.5% sales tax. Here’s coverage from Bloomberg and Paul Caron’s TaxProf Blog. Click here for a copy of the opinion.


Law Blog - WSJ.com : In Big Win for P&G, Pringles Found to be 'Not Potato Crisps'