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One-sided reporting is only OK when it presents the "reform" side

I saw Carter over at Point of Law complaining about what he perceives to be a one-side story about toxic chemicals.  

Well, if you've got a story about some potential health threat and you want to goose it for maximum impact, there's your formula: Find a scared mother, ignore any balance or opposite side, and call a medical source you can count on to elevate the fears. It's good for a splashy TV news story about, oh, once a month -- and that's just in the Triad region. Imagine the effect on potential litigants and jurors of this kind of reporting spread around the country.

Source: PointofLaw.com | PointOfLaw Forum: Meanwhile, fear sweeps the Triad

Of course, the "reform" formula has been: "Find a scared doctor/businessman, ignore any balance or opposite side, and call a legal source you can count on the elevate the fears."  I'll look for Carter's criticism of the next one-sided story to come out of a "reform" spin machine.