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Op-ed on bisphenol A at Houston Chronicle

The underlined portion will surely piss off business advocates who abhor the precautionary principle.

For scientist-speak, the language was scathing. Last October, an expert panel effectively demolished the Food and Drug Administration's study clearing bisphenol A, a common plastic additive, of any health risk.

The agency's work, the scientists said, lacked "reasonable and scientific support."

Now the FDA has responded, sort of. The agency recently issued a polite letter admitting that its research on the chemical was incomplete and that it would continue to study BPA's health effects.

. . . .

When it comes to the developing brains of babies and small children, the precautionary principle trumps wait-and-see reserve. We hope the next FDA director, still to be announced, better grasps the urgency of good science — and quick action — to clear BPA from our children's food supply. (Emphasis added.)

Source: Plastic barrier: FDA will review plastic additive, but won't say when | Editorial | Chron.com - Houston Chronicle

The article also explains the FDA based most of its determinations upon research performed by or for the plastics industry.  Not surprisingly, the industry research found no problems with their profitable plastic.