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Republican Nutjob or Libertarian Nutjob: You make the call

A group of delusional tax-haters created their own "court."  Nice.

The defendants allegedly held a “common law court” to issue false liens and “arrest warrants” against Judge Montgomery. They were also planning to disrupt court proceedings in the belief that only Jesus Christ has jurisdiction over people, according to the indictment. Beale allegedly instructed the group to bring 30 to 40 people to his trial to disrupt it if Montgomery failed to dismiss the charges. No more than a handful of observers ever attended, reports the Trib.

Now, we know what you’re thinking. A group with this kind of chutzpah must have a great name. And you’re right. According to the indictment, the men called themselves this mouth-full: “Our one supreme court Common-Law court for the de-jure Ramsey: the county: Minnesota; the land a superior court for the People, original jurisdiction under Almighty Yahweh exclusive jurisdiction in and for confederation-government United States of America.”

Source: Law Blog - WSJ.com : Minnesota Men Indicted for Bizarre Plot to Intimidate Judge

If anything deserves an LOL today, it's this one.