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“Shit, just ship it.” That sums up why I became a lawyer.

Whether you call them sock puppets, flacks, or lickspittles, there are a ton of people out there who just can’t or won’t believe that big corporations ever act irresponsibly.  To them I say, “Shit, just ship  it!”  Those were the words of Peanut Corp. of America owner Stewart Parnell when he decided against waiting for the results of a salmonella test:

“S---, just ship it,” he wrote in an e-mail, according to a newly released federal indictment. “I can’t afford to loose [sic] another customer.”

Source: Former owner of Virginia peanut company faces charges in salmonella case - The Washington Post

Seriously, lawyers like me would be out of business by the end of Q3 2013 if every corporate officer in America just decided to put safety ahead of everything else.