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Smug Los Angeles restaurant insults customers on Twitter

They just don’t get it:

Eater L.A. has an interview with the owner of area restaurant Red Medicine, which has been using its Twitter account to call out people who make reservations but don’t have the courtesy to show up or call to cancel.

Source: Restaurant Uses Twitter To Shame People Who Blew Off Reservations – Consumerist

If you own a business, you are in the service business.  That means you let customers treat you poorly.  You are there to SERVE THEM, not the other way around.  Sure, it might seem like fun to call out people on Twitter.  But people like me won’t go there now.

This Twitter tantrum shows me that the owners are self-important asshats who are more concerned about themselves than their clients.  Businesses that care about their clients do not “call them out” on Twitter or on other public forums.  The job of every business owner is to give good customer service.  If you can’t commit to that, don’t go into business.