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Trial Lawyers Under Attack by U.S. Chamber of Commerce

It's kind of sad, really. The United States Chamber of Commerce was founded by Edward Filene, (Of Filene's Department Stores fame) a great businessman who advocated minimum wage for women, paid leave for employees, and human rights in general. He eventually quit the Chamber because it became, in his opinion, a bastion of right-wing conservatism dedicated to corporate tax evasion.

Now the Chamber has focused its attention on trial lawyers:

The billionaire chairman of an insurance company describes members of the group as "terrorists." To the head of a national wholesalers group, they seem like "predators." The US Chamber of Commerce is cosponsoring a $10 million advertising campaign to "educate voters about the devastating impact" these people are having on the American way of life.

The target of these attacks is not Al Qaeda or some new pestilence sweeping the nation. It's trial lawyers.

Seems to me like trial lawyers need to counterattack with a $20 million campaign.

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