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Various Newsletters of Interest

I added this link to the Journals and Newletters list on the right. The law firm of Ross, Dixon, & Bell has several newsletters they publish online that may be of interest to many of you. They include:

Environmental - "Summaries of important cases and other timely information about environmental and mass tort coverage litigation in federal and state courts throughout the nation. "

Directors & Officers Liability - "Noteworthy developments pertaining to all lines of directors & officers liability insurance, including commercial, non-profit, healthcare, fiduciary, and employment practices liability."

Transportation - "Recent decisions affecting the transportation industry and its insurers from throughout the country."

Bad Faith - "News and information about some of the most difficult and high stakes matters that insurer clients face -- "bad faith" litigation."

Antitrust - "Antitrust case analyses involving corporations and consumer classes in a wide variety of different industries."

These web newsletters are a great way to stay informed about recent developments in court cases across the country. The Antitrust newsletter has lots of good information about tobacco lawsuits. For some reason, it doesn't have any antitrust actions against insurance companies. I wonder why... Oh, that's right! The insurance industry has a federal exemption (The McCarran Ferguson Act) from antitrust law! That's why they can collude together to fix rates! That's why Progressive can tell you the rates of their competitors! That's why health insurance isn't affordable! And that's why there's no real competition among insurers!

I'm sure Ross, Dixon & Bell aren't the kind of lawyers who'll approve of this site, but I applaud them for taking the effort to maintain their newsletters, and for the Pro Bono work they did for NYC Firefighters.

Information is power, and even an occasional read of their newsletters would be a good way to stay informed.

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