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What’s in insurer’s book on how to prevent medical malpractice lawsuits?

I’m genuinely curious,

ROSLYN, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--To help reduce the incidence of medical malpractice lawsuits and foster better communication between physicians and their patients, Administrators for the Professions, Inc. has authored a new book which provides physicians with effective strategies and advice to help address the sources of many malpractice suits.

Source: Leading Medical Malpractice Insurer Releases New Book to Help Physicians Protect against Suits

Aren’t medical errors “the source of many malpractice suits?”  Wonder if the book aims to prevent those.  The book is $50 bucks.  Too rich for my blood, but if my library gets a copy of it, I’ll check it out.

If the book actually has good advice on how to prevent medical errors (and not just lawsuits) some rich trial lawyer should buy 10,000 copies and send them to doctors around the country.