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Gross negligence is something that deserves no toleration, especially when
your well-being and the livelihood of your loved ones is at stake.



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I will not only help you cope with the physical and emotional drain defective devices can cause, but I can alleviate
your stress and emotional duress by working directly with your doctors to find out exactly what is in your body.

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To the public at large, each new drug represents either the answer
to their prayers or the catalyst to their worst nightmares.

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Asbestos &

I can provide guidance in the selection of medical specialists and the best
approaches to dealing with the financial burden of treatments.

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Why Justinian?

I am passionate about pursuing justice in the wake of gross neglect and wrongful injury – that is the driving force behind my decision to become a lawyer. My job is to discover all possible avenues of recovery and compensation to support you. Read more about my legal expertise

No cost unless we win!

Whether or not this firm is paid is contingent upon whether I recover money for my clients. The firm pays all of the costs and takes all of the financial risk. There is never any up-front cost, and my clients never pay us a fee unless we recover money for them. Read more about Contingency Fees.

FREE Case Evaluation!

Talk to an experienced attorney you can trust without any financial commitment. I will be able to answer your questions regarding your case, discuss your options with you and advise you as to the best legal action for you to take. Contact me for a free consultation at 1-512-980-0000 today!

Personal Injury Lawyer Justinian C Lane, Esq.

My name is Justinian, and I’m a lawyer who works for people who were hurt by the carelessness of another or by a defective product. I went to law school specifically to become a personal injury attorney, and I’m proud to say I’ve helped thousands of people across the country get compensation for their injuries. I might be able to help you, too.

The contact form on this site sends your urgent message directly to MY personal email. Not to a staff member or paralegal. Contact me directly by email or call me at 1-512-980-0000 if you’ve been hurt and I’ll let you know if I can help you. Even if I can’t help you, I may know of another firm that can.

I specialize in accident injury litigation cases such as:

We Also Handle Product Liability and Mass Tort Litigation, Including:

Prescription Drugs:

  • Androgel & Heart Problems
  • Risperdal & Gynecomastia
  • SSRI Antidepressants & Birth Defects
  • Lipitor & Diabetes

Medical Devices:


Dedicated, Experienced Legal Help, 24/7

There are a lot of good personal injury law firms in Texas and across the country. So why choose my firm over any other? Here are three reasons.

First: I’m easy to work with. I don’t talk down to my clients – or anyone for that matter. Any conversation we have will be a two-way conversation because I’m not one of those lawyers who likes to hear himself talk. I went into law to help people, not to stroke my ego. You’ll be able to relate to me as a regular person because I am a regular person.

Second: I use my background in the technology industry to make sure your case is handled as efficiently as possible. I spent ten years in the tech industry (including a few at Microsoft in Redmond) before I went to law school. So I’m not one of those “dinosaur lawyers” who dictates to his secretary and can never remember which yellow pad I wrote something down on. Everyone at my firm uses state-of-the-art equipment because it helps us better serve our clients. You’ll love how quickly we can respond to you.

Third: all of the lawyers at my firm have the single most important trait a personal injury lawyer must have in order to succeed. That trait is called HUSTLE. If you decide to go with another firm, do yourself a favor and make sure the lawyers there have that trait, too.

It doesn’t cost anything to contact me, and I’m always happy to help!

You will never lose by reaching out – allow me to help you, in any way I can.

Call 1-512-980-0000 for a free consultation!

Our Lawyers

Justinian C Lane, Esq
Justinian C Lane, Esq
Myles J Johnson
Myles J Johnson, Lawyer
Brittany Deane
Brittany Deane, Lawyer


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