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Did you catch "Tiger" on Fox News?

Apparently, Tiger and the rest of the heartless bastards at the ATRA just issued the 2005 Judicial Hellholes report.  Somehow, I missed the story on the web, but I did manage to catch it on Fox News.



I was absolutely flabbergasted to learn that the ATRA admittedly made an error in the newest judicial hellhole report.  From the Charleston Gazette:

"Critics of West Virginia’s civil justice system this week conceded that they wrongly attacked state courts for a chemical exposure lawsuit that was not filed here.

The suit, filed in Florida and 13 other states, alleges that DuPont Co. exposed thousands of consumers to toxic chemicals used to make Teflon nonstick coatings.

Citing the DuPont suit, the American Tort Reform Association bumped West Virginia up a spot in its annual “Judicial Hellholes” report, from fourth last year to third in 2005.

Victor Schwartz, a lawyer and spokesman for the association, said the group learned from a Gazette reporter that the DuPont case was not filed in West Virginia.

“This is an error,” Schwartz said in a phone interview Tuesday evening."

That's the best part about preparing propaganda - you don't need to check your facts!

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