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The Best Government Money Can Buy

The same pharmaceutical industry that brought us such wonderful medicines as Oraflex, Fen-Phen, Zyprexa, and Vioxx have now been granted immunity for any hastily-developed vaccines they may develop.

The Center for Justice and Democracy summed it up thusly:

Today, the U.S. Congress, in a grotesque display of pandering to corporate America, enacted sweeping immunity for drug companies that produce unsafe vaccines and other drugs, leaving average Americans with no recourse if they have been hurt and creating a grave risk to public health in the event of a disease pandemic.  This unprecedented legislation was enacted even though this dangerous and cruel provision was contained in neither House nor Senate passed bills, but rather was buried deep in the Defense Appropriation legislation.

While I certainly identify myself as a Democrat, it's too bad that only issues like Arctic drilling can prompt my party to filibuster.  Yes, yes - I understand that this was a critical bill and all that.  But someday, I hope to see a Democratic politician with the gumption to stand up and fight against such vicious tort reform.

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