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Remember that Class Action I smelled against Best Buy?

Back on the 16th, I suggested that a class action against Best Buy was in the works. Three days later, one was filed:

(3/21/09)  The US District Court, Southern District granted a motion on 3/19/09 for Class Action Certification to allow Plaintiff Thomas Jermyn and any similarly situated NY State residents to sue Best Buy for violating its “Price Match” policy.

According to the ruling, the plaintiff alleges, “Best Buy uses false and deceptive trade practices in advertising and applying the company’s well-known “price match guarantee” policy.  Best Buy tells the consuming public it will match a competitor’s lower price on any item purchased in the store.”  Plaintiff alleges that Best Buy uses its “price match guarantee policy as a ploy, to lure unsuspecting consumers into its stores and to induce them to purchase its merchandise, while allegedly having an undisclosed “Anti-Price Matching Policy,” pursuant to which employees aggressively deny customers’ legitimate price match requests.”

Source: Best Buy Bombshell! » HDGURU.Com

Sadly, no one recruited me as a lead plaintiff.  Oh well, I understand that the era of credenzas full of cash for lead plaintiffs are over anyway.  I’ll at least hope that Best Buy gets beaten up so badly that they stop playing price match games.