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I didn’t know BigLaw hired barely-literate lawyers

You’ve got to see this memo.  It has so many run-on sentences, weird capitalizations, and misused parentheses that you’ll overlook the LOL in the footnotes.

The Am Law Daily encourages you to go to Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft's client memo Web page right now to see if the single most bizarre memo we've ever seen is still up there -- because we suspect it may not have a long life span.

The memo (linked below) is attributed to Steven Lofchie, co-chair of the firm's financial services department, and it is entitled: "The Manny Ramirez Lightbulb: Also (2 Ideas in 1 Memo) Putting Pay in Perspective." It begins as a rant about former Red Sox outfielder (now with the Dodgers) Manny Ramirez: "I am enraged! and outraged! plus morally reprehensibled (did I say I am outraged!) that Manny Ramirez has inked another huge contract."

Source: Law.com - The Greatest Client Memo Ever?

Was this guy drunk or high when he wrote this?