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Rick Wagoner vs. AIG

Why is it that Rick Wagoner is forced out of GM, but Obama doesn’t ask all the managers at AIG who screwed the economy to leave?  I’m really sick and tired of the contrast between how the Big Three are treated vs. AIG.

The Big Three are victims of the economic crash, not the cause of it.  If not for oil speculators driving gas prices to $4 bucks a gallon, people would still want to buy SUV’s.  And if not for AIG and the others responsible for the economic meltdown, people would still be able to get loans to buy those SUV’s.

It gets incredibly irritating to hear the constant refrain that we can’t afford to lose the people at AIG who raped the economy, and then hear we need to sack everyone at the Big Three.  If anyone needs to be shown the door, it’s everyone at AIG in a managerial capacity.  Those guys did a worse job than the lookout on the Titanic; that guy only missed ONE iceberg whereas these guys made mistake after mistake after mistake.

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